Construction of lead-acid Battery

Structure of Lead-Acid Battery

Battery container: This type of battery mainly contains sulfuric acid so the battery container must be resistant to sulfuric.

Battery Acid: The acid is a high-purity solution of sulfuric acid and water.


Battery Negative Plate: The negative plate contains a metal grid with spongy lead (Pb2+) active material.

Battery Positive Plate: The positive plate contains a metal grid with lead dioxide (PbO2) active material.

Battery Separator: The separator is a material that separates the positive plates from the negative plates to provide an efficient flow of electrical current. 

Plates Straps: The straps are welded to the top of plates to provide an electrical connection to the terminals.

Battery Terminal/Bushing: The terminals are connected to the positive strap and the negative strap of the end cells, and are the connection path between the battery and the vehicle’s electrical system.


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