What is Battery Separator?

Car Battery Sector

A Battery separator is a microporous layer placed between the anode and cathode of a battery and is a kind of partition which separates the anode and cathode electrodes. Battery performance (energy and power densities, cycle life, and safety) is depended on the quality and structure of electrodes of the battery and separator plays a significant […]

History Of The Lead Acid Battery

Brief history of lead-acid Battery The lead-acid battery is a type of rechargeable battery which was invented in 1859 by French physicist Gaston Planté. It was the first type of rechargeable battery ever created.   In Comparison with modern rechargeable batteries, lead-acid batteries have lower energy density, but the ability to supply high rate of current makes this kind […]

Starter Battery Electrical Characteristics

Main Electrical Characteristics of Battery 1- Capacity The Battery Capacity is specified as the number of amp-hours (Ah as dimension) the battery will deliver at a specific discharge rate and temperature. The capacity of a battery is not a constant value and shows decreasing trend with increase of discharge rate. The capacity of a battery […]

About the Construction of lead-acid Battery

Construction of lead-acid Battery

Construction of Lead-Acid Battery Battery container: This type of battery mainly contains sulfuric acid so the battery container must be resistant to sulfuric. Battery Acid: The acid is a high-purity solution of sulfuric acid and water.   Battery Negative Plate: The negative plate contains a metal grid with spongy lead (Pb2+) active material. Battery Positive […]

Classification of Starter Battery technology

Starter Battery technology

Various Technologies in Starter Batteries ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses: Flooded battery (SLI flooded lead-acid battery) having a cover provided with one or more openings through which gaseous products may escape. Enhanced flooded battery (EFB flooded lead-acid battery) with additional special design features to significantly improve […]

Battery Basic Knowledge

electronical part of starter battery

Battery One or more electrochemical cells which electrically coupled into a single unit and equipped with external electrical connections’ attachments. In a lead-acid battery, the cell has an open-circuit voltage of approximately 2.1 volts. Six cells are linked together to make a 12-volt lead-acid battery. How does Battery operate? When two unlike materials such as […]

what are the main duties of Starter Battery on vehicle?

starter battery system

Electrically, the battery is intended to supply and generate: The power required for cold cranking The power/energy required when the alternator is not able to supply the consumer needs The energy required by consumers during non-rotating engine phases (engine off) The voltage thresholds to guaranty the quality of the 12V board net Thermally, the battery […]